August 27, 2019

Libraries simplify access to online resources

Love Library

The University Libraries are now offering expanded access to online subscription services. The new system was rolled out during the summer.

The University Libraries have teamed up with Information Technology Services to simplify access to e-resources from off campus for students, faculty and staff.

The option, which uses University of Nebraska–Lincoln username/password combinations for authentication, moves campus libraries and UNL closer to a single sign-on for campus resources. Ultimately, this shift will reduce the number of passwords users need to remember.

“The major advantage to students and faculty is that they can log into the UNL system and navigate between campus tools, such as Canvas and the libraries e-resources more seamlessly and without having to remember a separate login,” said Elizabeth Lorang, interim associate dean, University Libraries. “We also hope that people now have a better sense of how to proceed when they come across a library resource that requires authentication, because the login process will look like other login options across campus.”

The new login option was launched for testing in mid-July. An initial assessment indicated that the authentication process works as planned. If users encounter problems in accessing the libraries’ online resources, contact an AskUs service point.

The libraries “MyLibrary” login system remains in place and offers affiliates, including visiting researchers and vendors, access to library resources. Students, faculty and staff can also use MyLibrary accounts to track and renew checked out books and other materials.

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