September 4, 2020

Five ways Huskers can get a coach on campus

Nebraska's Big Red Resilience and Well-being program supports students through every step of their college career.
Greg Nathan | University Communication

Greg Nathan | University Communication
Big Red Resilience and Well-being is one campus resource for academic coaching.

You don't have to figure everything out by yourself at college. The university has resources devoted to helping students with their academic and personal well-being. Here are five things you can be coached on at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln — and four are completely free.

1. Academic Coach via CAST
The Center for Academic Success and Transition offers this coaching service for first-year students who may need a hand figuring out their academics. These coaching sessions build supportive relationships with students to identify areas for enhancement, learn study and life skills, and create action plans.

2. Money Coach via Money Management Services
Managing your personal finances as a student can be overwhelming. As a part of Big Red Resilience and Well-being, Money Management Services can help you out with these financial issues. They offer assistance on a wide range of topics like building credit, managing debt and moving off campus. Click here for Money Coaching FAQs and here for the full list of topics.

3. Well-being Coach via Big Red Resilience and Well-being
Academics are important, but so are your mental health and overall well-being. Well-being coaches are student volunteers who help other students thrive and create the life they want to live, both now and in the future by focusing on the nine dimensions of well-being. A new option this semester is to "Walk with a Coach" — since in-office appointments are limited due to COVID-19, you can walk with your coach to be outside and socially distanced.

4. Career Coach via Career Services
Preparing for your future career is an essential skill to have before you graduate. Luckily, Career Services can assist you in developing these techniques before you hit the job market. They can help you out with interview prep, job and internship searching, resume building and more. You can make a scheduled in-person appointment or drop in to virtual walk-in hours.

5. Personal Training via Campus Recreation
If you're looking to improve your physical health, Campus Recreation offers certified personal trainers to provide you with a personalized exercise program and individual support. The first step to begin Personal Training is to purchase a PT Intro Package from the Member Services Desk at either Campus Rec location. The PT Intro Package is $60 and includes an initial consultation and two 1-hour training sessions with your trainer. Your trainer can then determine your fitness level, create short and long term goals, as well as develop an individualized program just for you. After completing the PT Intro Package, you can purchase 3, 5 or 10 sessions to continue your fitness training.