November 18, 2021

2021 Celebration of Service: By the numbers

Chancellor Green and Herbie Husker
Scott Schrage | University Communication

Scott Schrage | University Communication
Chancellor Ronnie Green poses with Herbie Husker as emcee Rick Alloway speaks to an audience of Husker employees at the 2019 Celebration of Service.

“Every person and every interaction matters.”

It’s a belief that drives the university’s N2025 strategic plan — and one especially apropos as the 2021 Celebration of Service approaches. Whether faculty or staff, employees at Dear Old Nebraska U are much more than their contributions to the university. And those contributions cannot be adequately captured by numbers alone.

But ahead of the Nov. 18 event, Nebraska Today pulled together just a few numbers that offer some measure of how many people — and, yes, how much work — it takes to keep Big Red going.

977: Husker employees being recognized in 2021

371: Huskers celebrating their 5-year anniversaries

5: Huskers celebrating 50 or more years at Nebraska U

Bar graph
Scott Schrage | University Communication
A breakdown of 2021 Service Award recipients by anniversary. (Click to zoom)

13,705: Cumulative years of employment among Service Award recipients

27 million: Rough approximation of hours worked by Service Award recipients (i.e., 40 hours per week multiplied by 50 weeks multiplied by 13,705 years of employment)

209: Number of colleges, departments, schools, offices, institutes, centers, programs, divisions, services, academies, associations, bureaus, consortia, cooperatives, partnerships, facilities, unions, museums and stores represented by Service Award recipients

41: Recipients from Nebraska Athletics, which boasts more than any other unit

99: Recipients whose last names begin with “S,” the most common letter

3: Recipients whose last names begin with “U,” the least common letter

10: Recipients with the last name “Anderson,” the most common surname

1961: First year of employment for Ron Hull, who, at 60 years, claims the longest tenure in the 2021 cohort

Video: Ron Hull looks back on 60 years in television at Nebraska