June 15, 2021

104 undergrads receive stipends for summer research projects

UCARE Summer 2020
Craig Chandler | University Communication

Craig Chandler | University Communication
Malayna Wingert, a sophomore biological systems engineering major from Sterling, Nebraska, lifts a water sample out of Holmes Lake as Anni Poetz and Maddie Carpenter record data in August 2020. The students worked under faculty member Jess Corman this summer through Nebraska's UCARE program.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has awarded stipends to 104 undergraduates to participate in research with a faculty mentor this summer.

Nebraska’s Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) Program supports undergraduates to work with faculty mentors in research or creative activities. Students receive stipends of $2,400 to engage in intensive research or creative activity for 20 hours per week. The students’ projects span academic disciplines including engineering, chemistry, modern languages and literatures, psychology, art and art history, architecture, special education, and fisheries and wildlife.

The students also will have opportunities to participate in the Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Graduate Education Discovery Program. In August, students from the Nebraska Summer Research Program and UCARE will present posters on their research and creative activities at a virtual campus research symposium. For more about undergraduate research at Nebraska, click here.

Following is a list of students by hometown who received summer UCARE awards, with their year in school, academic major(s) and project title.



  • Ashtin Lynn Kaumans, senior, animal science and pre-veterinary medicine, “Established Tick Species and Risk of Tick-Borne Disease along the Platte River Corridor.”


  • Emily Rose Donnell, senior, secondary English (7-12), “Paraeducator-to-Teacher Partnership Program Designed to Address Educator Workforce Demands in a Large Urban School District.”

Battle Creek:

  • Bailey Scott McLean, senior, biological sciences, “Verifying the Gene AT4G24680 (MOS1) Regulates Non-photochemical Quenching in Arabidopsis Thaliana.”


  • Ethan Bradly Boerner, senior, architectural studies, “FACT_Omaha Mobile Stage.”
  • Brittany Danielle Horbach, senior, veterinary science and pre-veterinary medicine, “Established Tick Species and Risk of Tick-Borne Disease along the Platte River Corridor.”
  • Ngoc Huong Xuan Le, senior, mathematics and chemical engineering, “Structure-Guided Engineering of Carboxylic Acid Reductases.”


  • Kaylen Noel Michaelis, senior, English, “Advancing the George Eliot Archive.”
  • Thara Elisabeth Michaelis, senior, English, “Advancing the George Eliot Archive.”


  • Sarah Katherine Cope, junior, landscape architecture, “Prairie States Forestry Archive.”

David City:

  • Brooke Elizabeth Bell, senior, animal science and pre-veterinary medicine, “Identification of Small Nucleotide Polymorphisms in FSHR, AMH and AMHR2 that May Predict Heifer Pubertal Attainment.”


  • Allyson Nicole Henry, senior, chemical engineering, “In Vitro Engineering Models of Diseased Brains that Abnormally Demyelinate.”


  • Aleisha Marie Gottwald, junior, music education, “Collaborative Vocalists and Pianists at the Undergraduate Level.”


  • Turner Richard Milton Blick, junior, mathematics, “Hessian Matrices in Three Dimensions.”


  • MaKenna Rose Dahlgrin, senior, speech-language pathology, “Exploring the Psychosocial Factors Related to Stuttering.”
  • Justin Lee Frandsen, junior, psychology, “The Effects of Desk Clutter on Cognitive Processing.”
  • Salma Juliette Silva, junior, psychology, “Habeas Corpus.”

Grand Island:

  • Lizbeth Daniela Chavez, senior, art, and art history and criticism, “Borderless.”


  • Brynn Elizabeth Boes, junior, biological sciences, “Virus, Stem Cells and Human Diseases.”
  • Camden Mercy Jones, senior, biochemistry, “Identification of Potential Monomeric Transcription Factors in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.”
  • Jacob Patrick Stover, senior, agricultural engineering, “Soil Effects of Prescribed Burns and Eastern Redcedar Repurposing.”


  • Kathleen Rose O’Gara, senior, architectural studies, “Digital Agency: The Role of Layer in Architectural History.”


  • Adam Karl Eddy, senior, chemical engineering, “Role of Electrical Double Layer in Alkaline Hydrogen Electrocatalysis.”


  • Samantha Ann Bendix, senior, graphic design, “WATER: Worlds of Connection.”
  • Harrison Grant Strong, sophomore, emerging media arts and veterinary technology systems, “Story, Worlds and Speculative Design Lab.”


  • Sukaina Al-Hamedi, junior, biochemistry, “Quantification of Escherichia Coli and Other Gut Bacteria in a Mouse Model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.”
  • Allyson M. Barry, sophomore, political science and environmental studies, “Extreme Changes in Precipitation Across the Great Plains Using a Regional Climate Model.”
  • Allison Anne Benda, senior, psychology, “Academic Success in Elementary School: An Evaluation of Executive Functions and Motivation.”
  • Tomohide Kay Bessho, senior, mathematics and computer science, “Visualizations to Explain the Behavior of Search.”
  • Madlyn Claire Carpenter, senior, biological systems engineering, “Niobrara River Project.”
  • Lorenzo Catalano, senior, political science, “Nebraska Stories of Holocaust Survivors and World War II Veterans Portal.”
  • Sean J. Crimmins, junior, mechanical engineering, “Construction of a Locking Mechanism to Facilitate Intra-Abdominal Catheter Placement.”
  • Katharina Eleanor Dvorak, senior, biochemistry, “Development of a Salivary Glucose Sensor for Diabetes Management.”
  • Carson Craig Emeigh, senior, mechanical engineering, “Creating Microfluidic Devices Using 3D Printed Molds for Mechanical Stimulation of Bone Cells.”
  • Zachary Michael Hamilton, junior, biological sciences, “Exploring Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus.”
  • Lindsey Nicole Howard, senior, animal science, “Ammonoid Life Modes in the Western Interior Seaway.”
  • Mark Iradukunda, senior, integrated science, “Influence of Fertilizer on Swollen Stem Formation (Bulbing) and Vitamin C Content in Kohlrabi.”
  • Carly Kathleen Johnson, senior, speech-language pathology, “Exploring the Psychosocial Factors Related to Stuttering.”
  • Ceyenna Jyade Kanne, senior, psychology and art, “Anthropocene Blues 2: Chimeras.”
  • Dilziba Kizghin, senior, biological systems engineering, “The Effect of Zika Virus Peptide and How It can be Used to Treat and Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.”
  • Kyle Kleckner, senior, meteorology-climatology, “Characteristics of Cold Front Passages Around Lake Superior.”
  • Joshua Cody Magee, senior, psychology, “Objectively Detecting Mind-Wandering While Reading.”
  • Brittni Jordyn McGuire, senior, fisheries and wildlife, “Detecting Signatures of Forest Change in Nebraska’s Niobrara Valley.”
  • Brandy Nguyen, senior, architectural studies, “FACT_Book.”
  • Long Hoang Nguyen, sophomore, software engineering, “Using Machine Learning and Classification Techniques for Health Assessment.”
  • Amy Renee Reisher, junior, speech-language pathology, “Cortisol and Salivary Alpha-Amylase as Indicators of Stress Reactivity in Preschoolers.”
  • Rochak Rijal, junior, electrical engineering, “The LEAP Project: Learning for Enhancement of Algorithms and Performance — A Quorum Sensing Inspired Approach.”
  • Maxwell Robeson, junior, English, “George Elliott Archive.”
  • Marie Gisele Shimwa Souvenir, junior, integrated science, “Soybean Seed Nuclei Extraction.”
  • Jingyi Wang, senior, graphic design, “Gatherings: Drawings of Spirituality, Memory and Dreams.”
  • Patrick John White, senior, biological sciences, “Effect of Methylphenidate on Ethanol Reward Enhancement.”
  • Kelsey Renee Wright, junior, biochemistry, “Physiological Response to Political Messages.”


  • Skyler A. Gubbels, senior, insect science and biological sciences, “Ticks and Tick-Borne Pathogens in Pollinator Gardens of Nebraska.”


  • Jared Richard Milton Mulder, junior, nutritional science and dietetics, “A Second Trial: Past Convictions and the Collapse of Compassion.”


  • Eylon Caplan, junior, mathematics and computer science, “Continuous-Layered Dense Artificial Neural Networks.”
  • Zachary Wahab Cheek, senior, music and economics, “The Role of Afghan Opium Production in the American Opioid Epidemic.”
  • Alexander Ryan Eisele, senior, mechanical engineering, “Wearable Computer.”
  • Rianna Teri Gunter, senior, architectural studies, “A Speculative Design Proposal for an Inclusive Student Learning Center.”
  • Alice Guo, senior, microbiology, “Elucidating Gene Expression Patterns for Resilient Maize Lines Under Nitrogen Stress.”
  • Sarah Elizabeth Guyer, junior, English, “Advancing the George Eliot Archive.”
  • Bryce Koerner Herrington, senior, physics and mathematics, “How Short-Range Order Affects the Local Magnetic Properties of Amorphous Materials.”
  • Zachary R. Hess, senior, fisheries and wildlife and pre-veterinary medicine, “Habitat Selection for Territorial Male Pheasants in Correspondence to Mating Behavior: Qualifying Territorial Male Mapping in the Great Plains.”
  • Miranda Rose Kahn, senior, veterinary science and pre-veterinary medicine, “Established Tick Species and Risk of Tick-Borne Disease along the Platte River Corridor.”
  • Caleb Matthew Kirilov, junior, emerging media arts, “Exploring the Impossible Landscape of Non-Euclidean Geometry in AR and VR.”
  • Nicholas G. Kowal, junior, fisheries and wildlife, “Nebraska’s Short-Horned Lizard Genetic Diversity, Landscape Occupancy and Population Status Assessment (Year 2).”
  • Patrick Oliver McManigal, senior, computer engineering, “Wearable Electronic Bandage for Measuring Knee Joint Angles.”
  • Ashley Marie McMurchie, senior, Spanish and microbiology, “Adapting Hibernation to Rat Hepatic Ischemia to Solve Donor Organ Shortage.”
  • Nate Thomas McQueen, senior, psychology, “Academic Success in Elementary School: An Evaluation of Executive Functions and Motivation.”
  • Matthew Emcy Silver, senior, biological sciences and Russian, “Nutritional Minerals in Metabolism and Thermogenesis.”
  • Huey-Xian Kelly Wong, senior, biochemistry and psychology, “Delineation of the Co-Dependent Nature of WhiB1 in Transcriptional Regulation of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.”


  • Shelby Ann Kittle, senior, agricultural education, “Exploring the Use of Different Beeswax Foundation to Promote the Production of Specialty Comb Honey to Yield Higher Economic Gains for Hobbyist Beekeepers.”


  • Angela Huebert, senior, speech-language pathology, “Effects of Hearing Aid Amplification on the Ability of Individuals with Hearing Loss to Perceive Spectral Information.”


  • Lindsay K. Peters, senior, animal science, “Evaluation of Automated Application of Electricity for On-Site Mass Depopulation of Swine.”


  • Malayna Diaz Wingert, junior, biological systems engineering, “Niobrara River Project.”

West Point:

  • Thomas Michael Hugo, junior, biochemistry, “Mineral Deficiency-Induced Metabolic Dysfunction in the Liver.”


Gilbert, Arizona:

  • Rachel Elizabeth Clarkson, sophomore, agronomy, “The Effect of Playa Wetlands Hydrological Zones on Decomposition.”

Fayetteville, Arkansas:

  • Joseph Jonathan Broadway, senior, mechanical engineering, “Determining the Role of Alpha-Catenin in the Cells Resistance to Dissociation Induced by Autoimmune Disease Antibodies.”

Parker, Colorado:

  • Makenzie Leslie Maroney, senior, biological sciences and psychology, “The Effects of Mucosal Sugars on Clostridioides Difficile Colonization Resistance.”

Sarasota, Florida:

  • Kinga Katarzyna Aletto, senior, fisheries and wildlife and pre-veterinary medicine, “Inventive Thinking: Exploring the Possibility of Creating a Series of Smaller Pieces Under One Theme.”

Plainfield, Illinois:

  • Juan Jose Silva, junior, physics, “New Method of Constricting the Charm Yukawa.”

Madison, Indiana:

  • Madeline Elizabeth Holland, senior, biochemistry, and nutritional science and dietetics, “EAT Family Style Adaptations to the Childcare Home Setting.”

Des Moines, Iowa:

  • Abraham Harrison Schaecher, senior, emerging media arts, “Generative Art Based on the Input of Emotions.”

Lenexa, Kansas:

  • Anika Morgan Dujakovich, senior, biological systems engineering, “The Effect of Store-to-Store Energy Transfers on the Global Dynamics of Aircraft.”

College Park, Maryland:

  • Emily Trouba, junior, political science, “Interslavic as a Foreign Language.”

Hamilton, Michigan:

  • Luke Michael Freyhof, junior, biological systems engineering, “Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Through Blocking Amyloid Buildup Using a Zika Virus Peptide.”

Bloomington, Minnesota:

  • Ryan Martz, senior, meteorology-climatology, “Rotor Downwash Effect on Temperature Measurements.”

Moorhead, Minnesota:

  • Allison Ann Ulness, senior, biological sciences, “Identification of the Anti-SARS-CoV2 Immunoglobulins by a Fluorescence-Based Detection Method.”

Savage, Minnesota:

  • Megan Lee Kortenhof, senior, architectural studies, “Story, Worlds and Speculative Design Lab: Seabreeze Bop City Immersive Storytelling Design.”

Kansas City, Missouri:

  • Olivia Renee Book, senior, speech-language pathology, “Exploring the Psychosocial Factors Related to Stuttering.”

Carmel, New York:

  • Ivy Marshall, senior, psychology, “Crowd Psychology and Crowd Management.”

Apex, North Carolina:

  • Elijah Grablin, senior, biochemistry, “Effect of Methylphenidate on Ethanol Reward Enhancement.”

Georgetown, Texas:

  • Dylan John Patrick, senior, political science and global studies, “Nebraska Stories of Holocaust Survivors and World War II Veterans Portal.”

Houlton, Wisconsin:

  • Elizabeth Margaret Schousek, senior, plant biology, “Falcarindiol and its Effectiveness as an Antifungal Agent.”

Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin:

  • Lauren Marie Vatter, senior, biochemistry, “Bacterial Expression and Ligand Binding of Purified Domains of Stabilin-2.”

Changsha, China:

  • Linhan Li, senior, computer science, “SE4JAVA: A Symbolic Execution Tool for Java.”

Accra, Ghana:

  • Joseph Donkor Oboamah, senior, computer science, “Low-Cost Camera System for Recognition of Flow Meter Readings at Irrigation Wells.”

Delhi, India:

  • Ritvik Handa, junior, computer science and mathematics, “George Elliott Archive.”

Ludhiana, India:

  • Simreen Kaur, junior, computer science, “Visualizations to Explain the Behavior of Search.”

Patiala, India:

  • Parul Aggarwal, junior, computer science, “Investigating the Use of Method Chains in Java and Python Programming Languages.”

Ruwi, Oman:

  • Nikita Kumari Mansinghani, junior, architectural studies, “Prairie States Forestry Archive.”

Kigali, Rwanda:

  • Aime Christian Tuyishime, junior, integrated science, “Using Artificial Intelligence to Introduce Cover Crops in Sub-Saharan Africa.”
  • Yvon Ukwishaka, senior, integrated science, “Comparing Decomposition and Measuring Amount of Nitrogen and Carbon Released from Cereal Rye and Hairy Vetch.”
  • Andromede Uwase, senior, integrated science, “Biochar: Properties and Potential Benefits for Agricultural Soil of Rwanda.”
  • Regis Yizerwe, junior, integrated science, “A Method for Reducing Salmonella spp in Poultry Meat.”