Comic books have enthralled kids and kids-at-heart for decades, spawning franchises that now grace the silver screen and gross billions of dollars. Can they capture teenage interest in scientific issues? UNL's Judy Diamond will address this question Feb. 13 at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Jose, Calif.

Patricia Wonch Hill, research assistant professor of sociology and the chapter’s lead author, said data from an ADVANCE-Nebraska Faculty Network and Workload Study was used to study the changing academic workforce. The research, she said, demonstrates how the changes among faculty demographics are not always reflected in policies.

In the popular narrative, motherhood among lesbians or bisexual women is usually viewed in one of two ways: non-existent, or seeking evidence of a lesbian baby boom. However, a new study led by UNL's Emily Kazyak suggests that the notion of motherhood is much broader and more complex in the minds of sexual-minority women than those stereotypes allow.